About Us

SHAREAfrica, formed in December 2002, is a Charitable organisation registered by the UK Charities Commission. SHAREAfrica Ltd., is also a UK registered company limited by guarantee with a board of directors comprising Christian brethren from various churches within the UK. The organization is non denominational and independent of any church/s. The directors of SHAREAFrica Ltd are also trustees of the Charity.

SHAREAfrica has subsidiary and member organizations registered in Africa. These organizations are responsible for conducting operations in the field.

See Mission Statement and Objectives for more information.

The serious scale of poverty affecting a great cross section of the population in sub-Saharan Africa has been well publicized. Young and old, educated and illiterate, are trapped in a hopeless situation with nothing to cling to but their faith. Paul’s exhortation to the Philippians that ‘God shall supply all your need’ is a promise they hold on to - that promise however is normally met through the moral conviction and compassionate generosity governments, institutions and others who are prepared to give a little of their ‘surplus’ to meet the basic needs of ‘the poor’. This Christian ethic of ‘equality’ is a founding principle upon which the work of SHAREAfrica is based. (2Cor 8v14)