Sustainable Development

Matt 20:6 - And about the eleventh hour he (Jesus) went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?
In simple terms, economic growth is the most effective way of reducing poverty. This requires investment in productivity and the creation of jobs which in turn increases the circulation money and improves the overall standard of living. Without increasing productivity, sustainable growth cannot exist.

Encouraging small enterprise is one of the main aims of SHAREAfrica. This will create jobs and allow earned income to drip feed through the community. Without a reliable income it is impossible for impoverished families to improve their conditions, hence there will be a continuing dependency on aid and the inevitable waste of human capital.

It is well understood that a ‘donor culture’ creates dependency and hinders progress. By investing in capital assets people have the opportunity to become responsible for their own future as well as the future of others. ‘Work’ is also a clear Biblical principle which is often coupled with investment, for example, the parables of the pound, and the talent. The subsequent success of some can then be shared with others in the principle of ‘brotherly love’. (1 John 3v17)

The implementation of these initiatives is jointly managed by SHAREAfrica and our in-country trading company. The organization is run by assembly believers and is principally geared towards the benefit of those living in the poorer sub-urban and rural areas.

The ongoing initiatives include farming; car repairs; sewing; pre-schools; simple construction; transportation, and so on. At present these are small scale activities and our goal is to create opportunities for more small scale farmers and to add processes in the supply chain which will add value and create employment...

Bore-holes and Irrigation: