• Sharing the blessings

    As part of our church support, we distribute food to the most needy and vulnerable.

  • Sharing the blessings


    Our Orphan Programme supports children with their education and nutrition. Each family receives a bag of corn soya blend each month along with other support

  • Sharing the blessings

    Farmers are supported with seed loans, training and other support. Some have received oxen and bore holes. We are also developing new seed varieties

  • Sharing the blessings

    Our factory takes output from farmers to produce food including the corn soya blend for our children. The factory provides employment and any profit is used for supporting poor families.

Family Feeding Programme

Many of our fellow Christians in Zambia are living in poverty. Our Family Feeding Programme distributes food through a number of churches but more is needed. Can you help?

Please donate a regular amonut each month.

£5 feeds a child for a month

£25 feeds a family for a month

Any amount – would be a blessing

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Orphan Programme
  • Struggling Rural Families
    Oscar Chibuye is one of the children on our Orphan Programme. His father has died and he lives with his …
Farming Programme
  • Drought devastating crops
    The drought hit crops at a critical time. Maize and groundnuts have suffered most with soya and sunflower doing better …
Church Support
  • Children’s Home
    The Emmanuel Children’s Home is regularly supported by our Church Feeding Programme. The home which is run by the New …

An innovative system to record attendance at your children’s activities.

Worknet Solutions, who developed the ShareAfrica Orphan system, have now developed an online system for recording attendance at activities such as Sunday Schools, Holiday Bible Clubs, Toddler Groups etc.

It is available for £60 per year with profits going to ShareAfrica. 

See www.registerplus.co.uk  for further details and to register for an account.

Some key features

  • Accessible by Mobile, Tablet or PC
  • Records details of children and their contacts
  • Features to support GDPR
  • All personal details secure and encrypted
  • Send out emails to contacts

Great for your children’s work – supporting children in Zambia