Support for College Students

Even when the children we support through school get good grades, they still find it difficult to access further and higher education. The government does provide some assistance for the most promising students but there are still further fees and living expenses that are required.  Where we can we like to assist students to go on into Further or Higher Education so that they can be well placed to make a real difference to their own lives and the prosperity of Zambia. 

We currently are currently supporting  five students incourses including teaching and nursing.

It is really encouraging when we see young people making a success of their education and going on to make a real contribution to society.

Lemmy Makina was supported by SHAREAfrica through primary and secondary school. At university he was sponsored by the Government of Zambia. He completed his course in Environmental Education, graduating in March 2019. He was given help to hire his graduation outfit and looked the part on his big day!

Lemmy expressed his appreciation, saying, “I am very grateful for the support I have received from SHAREAfrica Zambia, without which I would not have come this far. I hope that my success will inspire other children that Share are supporting”.

Besa Katanga has recently graduated in Civil nvironmental Engineering at the University of Zambia.  She has been sponsored by SHAREAfrica since 2008 when she was in secondary school and throughout her studies at University. She says, ”In today’s cruel world one can seldom receive help from people with whom no blood bonds exist. SAZ however, has vividly shown that God’s love is way beyond human relations. I am a beneficiary of their kindness through the Lord’s own people that I have never met before. Indeed God works in mysterious ways to perform His will.”

She hopes eventually to be employed by Road Development Agency (RDA) or Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) and that one day she will be able in turn to help poorer Christians through their education.

If you would like to make a real difference in the life of a young person in Zambia, please get in touch with us.