Food Production


The Food Factory

The SHAREAfrica Zambia Food Factory adds value to the farm outputs. It produces the Corn Soya Blend for the children on the Orphan Programme as well has nutritious breakfast products such as porridge, cornflakes, cheerio’s and bran flakes. 

The factory employs unskilled people and trains them how to operate machinery and produce quality products.  As well as providing an income for their families their self esteem, health and hygiene disciplines are improved. A permanent job in Zambia for people without higher grade education is a lifeline to lift them out of poverty. 

The Zambian government encourages local producers to make products that will compete with foreign suppliers. This is particularly important when currency devalues against the US dollar making the cost of supermarket foods unaffordable for many households. Local production, using local produce, is also important for the Zambian economy.        

The Factory is a non-profit making division of SHAREAfrica Zambia. Profits are used to develop the facility as well as fund other charitable commitments undertaken by the company.