Sponsor a Child

  • Name - Harriet
    Age - 6
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZKB 07
    The family is engulfed in high poverty levels making the living conditions difficult. The guardian struggles to sustain her household and finds it hard supporting Harriet in school.

  • Name - Rabson
    Age - 7
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZKB11
    Rabson is a double orphan. He lives with his aunt. The aunt has two children of her own and two dependents. She sells small amounts of fish and makes very little. She struggles to make ends meet

  • Name - Reuben
    Age - 8
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZKB 12
    The mother is a widow. She has one son and one dependent. Her life is dependent on selling small amounts of fish and she makes very little money out of it. Supporting her family is a daily struggle

  • Name - Grace
    Age - 7
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZKB14
    Lucia is a determined girl and her school attendance is good, though she faces challenges meeting school requirements as the guardian is not capable due to high poverty.