Sponsor a Child

  • Name - Rachel
    Age - 8
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZKA 82
    She's living under harsh conditions as the family is in deep poverty.

  • Name - Gift
    Age - 11
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZBW 15
    Gift is doing grade four, but faces many challenges as his mother is not in the position to meet the school requirements due to high poverty levels the family is in.

  • Name - Steward
    Age - 13
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZBW 14
    Steward is doing grade 5. However, because of the hardships the family is faced with, challenges are many.

  • Name - Eddie
    Age - 9
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZSC 37
    Eddie is doing grade 5,and has the potential to do better in school. However, his mother has little income to support Eddie to meet the school requirements