Sponsor a Child in Zambia

You can sponsor a child in Zambia through ShareAfrica.  Here are some of the children who are in desperate need of sponsorship to enable them to go to school. Your monthly gift will pay for school uniform, school bags etc and will also provide practical help for the family.

Select the child you would like to sponsor and click the Sponsor Me button to sign up online for your sponsorship.

  • Name - Bupe
    Age - 6
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZRB27
    Bupe lives with the mother, who is a poor widow. Bupe's mother buys and sells small quantities of fish to sustain the family.

  • Name - Dorica
    Age - 12
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZCB 15
    Dorica has potential to do well in her school work and her attendance is good. The only drawback is that her guardian struggles to maintain the family due to little resources. Her educational attainment is a matter of uncertainty.

  • Name - Alex
    Age - 9
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZNP 06
    Alex has a bright academic future. However, his grandmother is unable to meet the school requirements. Alex has a twin brother[Jacob Chilumbu, ZNP 06]

  • Name - Saviour
    Age - 10
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZRB 30
    Saviour is performing well in school, though he faces many challenges meeting the school requirements as grandmother struggles to sustain the family.

  • Name - Given
    Age - 11
    Gender - Female
    Id - ZBK 08
    She's preparing for grade seven exams, but her grandmother, who's in poor health, struggles to take care of Given because the family is poor.

  • Name - Jackson
    Age - 13
    Gender - Male
    Id - ZBK 09
    Jackson is now in junior secondary, doing grade eight. However, his family lives on scanty income, making it hard for him to meet his school requirements.