New hall at Petauke

When the brethren from SAZ visited in October 2021 the outer shell was completed but there were no funds to fit a roof and windows and doors etc. The need was brought to the attention of ShareAfrica in the UK and funds were sent to complete the building of the hall and to install a water borehole.

The borehole has been installed and the building completed. The borehole will not only benefit the Assembly but will be a great help to the community, saving them a 1 km round trip to collect water. Further help will be given through SA to build a caretaker’s house to keep the site secure.

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, the Assembly plan to recommence outreach work in a densely populated compound nearby called Kasala. Brethren from the Chipata Central Assembly will help in this outreach work. The Assembly at Petauke are very grateful to the Lord for His provision of the new hall and trust that, with His help, they will be able to be a real witness in the town