Struggling Rural Families

Oscar Chibuye is one of the children on our Orphan Programme. His father has died and he lives with his mother and other members of the family in the Luombwa area of Serenje. Luombwa is about 400km north east of Lusaka and is a remote place where life is very difficult. His mother does a little farming but the soil is very poor and unproductive. Recently there was an outbreak of scabies in the area and the young ones were mainly the most affected, including Oscar.

The area has no safe drinking water as the inhabitants get their water from shallow wells and stagnant pools of collected water during the rainy season.  For the girl child, it is not easy to get sanitary pads and hygiene is usually compromised.

Oscar’s situation is typical of many of the rural children that we support. The regular food distribution and the help with education is much appreciated. Many more are crying out for help and we do what we can. New sponsors are always welcome.